Engage: Multi-Language Surveys



Note: This feature needs to be enabled by Betterworks. As such, as an administrator, you'll need to loop in your dedicated Customer Success Manager or the Support Team at support@betterworks.com

As an administrator, you can upload translations in order to launch multi-language surveys. This includes survey invite subject lines, introduction text, questions and answer options.

Setting Languages

Set the languages under Settings→ App settings → Languages:


Uploading Translations

Note: It’s highly recommended that translations be added after all survey text is finalized.

1. Select from among the languages that were previously set:


2. On the Questions page under the Translations section, click "Download Template" to a launch a pop-up and select the applicable language(s). If any translations have already been uploaded and processed or uploaded and are pending, you'll see them listed:


3. Download the template:


Note: Do not change the file name or format as this will result in an error when trying to upload your completed translation.

4. Upload your completed translation:


Note: Your upload must be in CSV format. 

5. If there are any errors, an error message will display with a link to download the error file. This file will contain a descriptive message pertaining to each error:


6. Make the necessary changes and re-upload the completed translation.

7. If the upload is successful, a success message will display: 



What if I need to change some part of the survey text after I've already uploaded my translation?

Simply download the template again, make the necessary changes and re-upload the translation. These changes will not impact a survey that's already in progress, but will take effect the next time that survey is launched.

Can I see a sample?

Of course!