OKR Writing Assistant


Note: This feature needs to be enabled by a member of the Betterworks Team. Please reach out to your CSM if you'd like to begin using the OKR Writing Assistant.

The OKR Writing Assistant implements a real-time OKR scoring heuristic to help users create better OKRs. As the user types, the assistant provides feedback based on OKR best practices so that the user not only creates better OKRs, but is also coached on how OKRs should be constructed.

Using the Assistant 

The OKR Writing Assistant will display on the OKR creation page. As you type, the assistant will provide feedback on the following aspects of your OKR:





The quality assessments are saved so that if you'd like to review the assessment for an OKR written earlier in the session, it will appear when clicking into the OKR name field. After OKR creation, the quality assessments will be available when editing that OKR.