Configuring the Outlook Integration (v2) — Administrators


What does it do? 

Note: If you've already configured the previous version of the add-in, you'll want to uninstall it and install the newest version.  

The Betterworks Outlook integration allows users to interact with their own and others' OKRs directly from their inbox. They will also be able to send/receive feedback and review active conversations. It does not allow users to set calendar meetings using Betterworks. To install the add-in, a user must be both a Super Admin in Betterworks and an administrator in their organization's Outlook instance.

Integration Requirements

Outlook Web App


Note: The OS doesn't impact the Outlook web app.

Outlook Desktop App


Note: For Windows 8.1 versions and Office versions greater than 16.0.13530.20424, the Edge WebView2 (Chromium-based) internet browser should be installed. Otherwise, Windows users will need a minimum of Windows 10 version 1903 and Office 365 client version 16.0.11629 in order to successfully use the Betterworks add-in with Outlook for desktop. This is because the Betterworks add-in triggers a pop-up during the login process that will always launch a Microsoft browser (even if the user has another browser such as Google Chrome set as the default). This behavior is not determined by the Betterworks add-in, but by the Outlook application itself. Internet Explorer is being sunset by Microsoft and is therefore not compatible with our add-in. Upgrading to the versions referenced above will force the pop-up to trigger in Microsoft Edge (which is compatible with our add-in). However, upgrades should be managed by your organization's IT Team, not by individual users.

Creating the Add-In

1. Add the Betterworks Outlook add-in to your Exchange Server or Office 365.

  • See Exchange Server directions here.
  • See Office 365 directions here.


2. Confirm that the Betterworks add-in is configured for your preference.

  • See directors for how to manage user access to add-ins for Outlook in Exchange Online here. Below are explanations of each:
    • Optional, enabled by default - Use this setting if you would like to add the Betterworks add-in to all users' email views, but allow users to disable it.
    • Optional, disabled by default - Use this setting if you would like to have each user make the choice to enable the Betterworks add-in.
    • Mandatory, always enabled - Use this setting if you would like to add the Betterworks add-in to all users' email views and not allow users to disable it.

Note: The above process is the same whether your organization's Betterworks instance is on the US data center or the EU data center. 


The Betterworks add-in uses the following access/permissions to function in Outlook:

  • "ReadItem" - To read the information about the objective that is being viewed.