Using the Outlook Integration (v2) — Users


What does it do?

Note: If you've already enabled the previous version of the add-in, you'll want to disable it and enable the newest version.

The Betterworks Outlook integration allows you to interact with your own and others' OKRs directly from their inbox. You will also be able to send/receive feedback and review active conversations. 

Enable/Disable the Add-In

If your administrator has made the add-in mandatory or optional and enabled it by default, you won't need to enable the add-in. Otherwise...

  • If in the Outlook desktop app:

    • Log into Outlook, then select File → Manage Add-ins or Manage Apps.

  • If in the Outlook web app:

    • Click the settings icon on the top-right corner, then select Manage Add-ins → My Add-ins → Make updates to "Betterworks plugin for Outlook".

Microsoft AppSource: Betterworks add-in

Viewing the Add-In

Open the right-side panel in Outlook and click on the Betterworks icon. If you do not see the icon, this means that either, you do not have access to the integration, or you'll need to enable it yourself. 

  • If in the Outlook desktop app - Click the 3 dots at the top of the window (to the right of the "Sync" option).
  • If in the Outlook web app - Open any email from another Betterworks user and click the 3 dots in the email, then click Log In → Enter your credentials → Log In (again). 

Note: For Windows 8.1 versions and Office versions greater than 16.0.13530.20424, the Edge WebView2 (Chromium-based) internet browser should be installed. Otherwise, Windows users will need a minimum of Windows 10 version 1903 and Office 365 client version 16.0.11629 in order to successfully use the Betterworks add-in with Outlook for desktop. This is because the Betterworks add-in triggers a pop-up during the login process that will always launch a Microsoft browser (even if the user has another browser such as Google Chrome set as the default). This behavior is not determined by the Betterworks add-in, but by the Outlook application itself. Internet Explorer is being sunset by Microsoft and is therefore not compatible with our add-in. Upgrading to the versions referenced above will force the pop-up to trigger in Microsoft Edge (which is compatible with our add-in). However, upgrades should be managed by your organization's IT Team, not by individual users.

How do I use it?

View your OKRs

1. View your OKRs in the right-side panel of your Inbox:


2. Click on the OKR to display the list of key results.

3. Enter your progress update or add a comment.

4. Click "Update" to save your changes.

View other users' OKRs

Note: Only public OKRs will be visible. 

1. Click on any email from another Betterwokrs user to see their OKRs

2. Click "View More" to display the list of OKRs.

3. Cheer, nudge or add a comment to the OKR:


Note: The Betterworks add-in needs to be pinned for the above scenario. Otherwise, opening an email from another Betterworks user will just show your own OKRs. Also, if there are multiple users on an email, you'll see the OKRs of the user who sent the last response. 

Search for other users

1. Click on the search bar.

2. Select a recent search or type the name of the other user:



1. You can see the count of active conversations. This includes a list of scheduled conversations and anytime conversations with due dates.

2. Click the pop-out icon to view all active conversations or specific conversation details in the Betterworks web app:



Request Feedback


By clicking "Request Feedback" you can select which feedback template you'd like to use and view the questions that will be sent to the feedback provider.

1. Select the providers that you would like to request feedback from.

2. Click "Request" to submit the request:


Give Feedback


You can click the "Give Feedback" pop-up modal which will take you to the Feedback → Give section of the Betterworks web app or give feedback directly from the add-in.