Microsoft Excel 365 Integration


The Microsoft Excel 365 integration allows customers to connect the progress of their milestones in the Betterworks application to a defined cell in an Excel 365 workbook. When the user updates the cell, the progress of the associated milestone will automatically update as well. 

Note: The integration will only connect to Excel 365 workbooks that are stored in Microsoft Sharepoint or OneDrive for Business. The integration does not apply to personal accounts.

Setup (Administrators)

1. Super Admins can set up the integration by going to:

Admin → Platform Configuration → Integrations → Third-party Integrations → Microsoft Excel 365 → Setup


2. Then, sliding the toggle to the on position:


Access (Users)

1. Once the integration has been set up by a Super Admin, any user at the organization can access the integration from either the goal creation or goal edit page by clicking the Excel 365 icon:


2. Click "Sign in with Microsoft":


3. Select an account:


Note: The first user at the organization to access our integration will see a pop-up informing them that they need administrator approval. This is because our integration does not currently have Microsoft Publisher verification. However, it is absolutely safe to use. Once it's been approved by the Microsoft administrator, the pop-up will disappear. Furthermore, the pop-up will not display for any users that access the integration in the future. 


The permissions used by this integration are as follows:

User.Read — Grants permission to read the profile of the signed-in user.
Files.Read.all — Allows Betterworks to read all files the signed-in user can access.
Offline_access — Allows Betterworks to read and update user data, even when they are not using the application.

Selecting Data

1. Select the workbook that you'd like to use, followed by the sheet and the cell.


Note: Only cells containing integers will sync. The integration will not recognize additional characters (i.e. "$" or "%"). Also, the Betterworks application will track the value in the cell, but if the worksheet is edited and the selected value is moved to a different cell, the associated milestone will need to be updated manually.