UKG Pro Integration



Customers can utilize the Betterworks UKG Pro integration to import data from UKG into Betterworks on a regular schedule. You can share updates from UKG in Betterworks without manual intervention such as:

  • Creation of new users
  • Updates to user information (i.e. change in manager, department, etc.)
  • Deactivations of users who have left your organization

Initiate Setup

To get started, there are a few specific credentials that need to be obtained from both the UKG and Betterworks:


  • Credentials (username and password)
  • Customer API Key

To create a Service Account, simply go to:

Security → Service Account Administration: 


More details are available on the UKG website

To retrieve the API URL and Customer API Key:

1. Login into the UKG application.

2. Select the System configuration menu.

3. Click on the Web Services menu.

4. You can then access the API URL (Base URL) and Customer API Key:



  • API Key

1. Go to Admin → Platform Configuration → Betterworks API

2. Select a Super Admin user to generate a key for

3. Name the key

4. Click "Generate Key":


Additional Information Required

  • Which Org Level Code should be mapped to the "department" field?
  • Should there be a blocklist (i.e. would you like to filter users of a certain "employee type")?

Data Load

Note: You'll need to complete an initial data load using the processes outlined in this article

Capture the time at which this export occurs so it may be used as the "start time" of the continuous UKG Pro integration.

If you import data for a user whose department does not yet exist inBetterworks, our application will create that department for you. For example, if you import users for the Finance department, but don’t have that department in Betterworks, it will be created based on the value in the "department_name" of your file. To learn more about adding departments proactively, see this article.



Reach Out

Once you've completed all of the steps outlined above, please contact the Betterworks Support Team — — with the following information so that we can complete the setup:

  • Credentials (username and password)
  • UKG Customer API Key
  • UKG Org Level Code (mapped to the "department" field)
  •  Employee Type Blocklist (if applicable)
  • Timestamp of when the initial SFTP upload of user data was exported from UKG
  • Betterworks Super Admin API Key