HR Insights Overview



HR Insights is a dashboard where administrators can easily view user performance and activity. This will help administrators to identify any gaps early on and can take the necessary steps to achieve their desired outcomes.

Access & Settings

Super Admins and Admins have access to all of the data in the dashboard. However, HR Admins only have access to the data of users within their scope. For conversation data, both the manager and the direct report need to be in the HR Admin's scope. For more information about the differences between the different types of administrators and their abilities, see this article

Once the HR Insights dashboard has been enabled for your organization, a Super Admin can configure the settings and benchmarks by going to:

Admin → Program Management → HR Insights → Settings




Top panel

  • Global filters (applicable to all metric cards) 
    • User's Department
    • Organization by Manager
  • Local filters (applicable to the "Conversation Status" metric card)
    • Conversation type
    • Conversation flow
    • Conversation name

Left panel

  • Metric cards

Right panel

  • Summary - Graphs, widgets, and other visualizations.
    • Currently, only the "Conversation status" metric card has a visualization page.
    • The widgets "Total Scheduled" and "Total Anytime" show the total # of scheduled conversations and anytime conversations, respectively.
    • The "Conversation Flow" graph shows the distribution of conversations across various stages.
    • "Completion Rate, ranked by manager shared" can be viewed by either the department or the manager (using the "Group by" option in the drop-down menu). Administrators can also choose to sort by highest or lowest.
  •  All Data - Tabular data.
    • This page contains all data that can be exported via the "Email report" functionality.
    • Currently, only conversation data can be exported.


Drill-down functionality

  • All the graphs will have the drill-down functionality that leads to a filtered view of the tabular data.


  • Conversation status
  • Goals
  • Milestones