LinkedIn Learning Integration



Note: The LinkedIn Learning integration is only available to organizations that have an Enterprise Betterworks subscription and a Business LinkedIn Learning subscription.

Many Betterworks customers use LinkedIn Learning to offer courses for the personal and professional development of their employees. Employees can now connect the LinkedIn Learning courses to their developmental milestones. This way, any progress made will automatically be reflected in Betterworks. 

Setting Up the Integration

Note: In order to set up the LinkedIn Learning integration, you must be a Super Admin in the Betterworks application and an administrator in the LinkedIn Learning application.

LinkedIn Learning

In the LinkedIn Learning application, go to:

1. Admin

2. Account Settings

3. Access content and reports via API

4. Generate LinkedIn Learning REST API Application

5. Add application:



6. When asked to "Choose keys", be sure to select the "Content" option


In the Betterworks application, go to:

1. Admin

2. Platform Configuration

3. Third-party Integrations

4. LinkedIn Learning

5. Set Up

6. Toggle on

7. Enter an instance name

8. Enter the Client ID and Client Server from LinkedIn Learning

9. Create:




LinkedIn Learning

Return to the LinkedIn Learning application and go to:

1. Admin

2. Account Settings

3. Configure reporting integrations

4. Configure xAPI

5. Add integration:



6. Enter the OAuth server URL, Tenant URL, etc. from the Betterworks application

7. When asked to for the "User Type", be sure to select the "Email" option

8. Create


Return the Betterwoorks application and:

1. Admin

2. Platform Configuration

3. Third-party Integrations

4. LinkedIn Learning

5. Settings

6. Check for the date and time of the last update:


Note: Please note, upon initial setup of the integration the setup may take up to 15 minutes and up to 1 day upon initial setup to see any associated progress on synced key results. 

Using the Integration

Once the integration has been set up, all users in the organization will have access to the integration as part of the goal and milestone creation process:


Users will be able to type the keyword to search for a specific course or view a list of courses based on keywords. From there, users can then select 1 or more courses:


Note: If a course that was already completed is connected to a milestone, completion will not be tracked.