Setting Goals
  • Setting Objectives/Goals

    What is an Objective?  Setting an Objective or Goal (depending on the preferred nomenclature used by your O...

    Fred Pukay
  • Editing Goals/Objectives

    How can I make changes to my Objectives? Setting and accomplishing goals regularly is what helps users win ...

    Morty Frey
  • Creating Key Results (Milestones)

    Creating Milestones Assigning Milestones to Other People Cloning Goals and Milestones Owning Milestones On...

    Sydney Phelon
  • Permissions

    What are permissions? Learn more about creating private Goals, setting permissions and roles on Goals, and ...

    Fred Pukay
  • Progress Settings

    Setting Metrics to Measure Progress Being able to count on accurate, up-to-date Goal progress lends confide...

    Fred Pukay
  • Alignment

     How do I align my Goals? Goal alignment is based on your Goals' and Milestones' contributions to other Go...

    Fred Pukay
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