Moving Key Results or Objectives

Would be great if you could click-and-drag objectives and/or key results to order them differently or move them under a different objective.



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    Hi Christine! Thank you for reaching out! This feature is already available for Key Results. If you hover to the left of the profile picture, you will see two vertical parallel lines appear. You can use this tool to move the Key Results up and down. 

  • You can only move them up or down within an objective not from objective to objective. 

  • It would be great if the bulk edit screen supported drag & drop to move objects (objectives or KRs) to different branches.

  • Adding on to this thread. It would be useful to re-prioritize objectives in addition to moving KRs between OBJs

  • Hi Nathan - thanks for adding your input here!

    While we don't have a drag-and-drop per Ariel's request, I do want to make sure that all are aware of the "Move" button that exists on every Key Result in the Details panel. If you look under the "Alignment" section in the "Details" tab of the right-side panel in the Objectives List page, you can click "Move" and select a different Objective for the Key Result to contribute to.

    We'd love to understand the ways this either works or doesn't work for you as you continue to organize and refine your OKRs!

  • Jason thanks for the feedback. That makes sense; however, what if I wanted to move an Objective lower than another Objective on my page?

  • Glad to hear that was helpful, Nathan!

    The Objectives themselves are all sorted by the filters at the top of the page so we don't allow any custom rankings (as it would appear differently from user to user). A less-than-ideal workaround might be to add a number ranking to the name of your Objectives so that when sorted alphabetically, they are ordered the way you'd like.

    Sorting by filters are meant to provide all users with the same sets of "views" for any list of Objectives but let us know what you think.

  • That makes a lot of sense Jason. Thanks!

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