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Is it possible to use a custom icon for our teams? In my particular case, each of our teams has developed a logo we'd like to use instead of the first letter of the team name. I see how to update a profile picture for a user but not for a team.

I've attached an image showing where I see the team icon appearing in the app. You will notice both team names have a profile icon that is `E`. This is what I am seeking to change so that I can better identify the team by icon much as the gravatar does for users.




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  • Hi Chad,

    Thank you for writing in. The current functionality does not allow a custom image for a Team icon, instead it defaults to the first letter of the Team name. I understand your use case and the value of adding a more custom Team profile image to better identify teams with similar names.

    I've added your organization to an enhancement request and have asked our Product team to review further. Please let us know if you have any additional questions here.

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