Aligning OKRs - Best Practices?

Hi - we're pretty new to Betterworks and was looking for some user input. 

I've established top level OKRs; now tems are creating their own.  I've noticed that to align my own OKRs with the top level ones, it creates another Key Result under the top company objective. There currently isn't a way to point an OKR to another OKR; they have to be in a very specific hierarchy which doesn't always work well. Best practices suggests 3-5 key results per objective and as we continue to create team OKRs, I can see this getting messy fast.

How do you handle this type of thing? Any strategies to make this a bit easier? 



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    Hi Vincent, this is a great question! When aligning an Objective to another Objective, this will create a hierarchy of parent Objective to child Objective. They are both Objectives, but one is nested under the other, as it is a contributor to the parent. 

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if this doesn't make sense. 


    betterworks Support

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  • Hi Sydney, 


    Thanks for the response; that makes a lot of sense. I guess where my confusion lies is when we have multiple teams with their own department level objective that aligns with one common objective. I can see what you're saying, but using the alignment feature in Betterworks can make the hierarchy very deep and confusing to look at. We can potentially have an objective with 10+ sub-objectives, each with their own Key Results or own sub Objectives. 

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  • Hi Vincent,

    One way to show a relationship between objectives without connecting their progress (which you are right, becomes untenable and overly complex at scale) is to create categories that reflect your top company objective priorities. This allows everyone in your organization to choose which top company objective they are contributing to without directly changing the structure of that objective.

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  • Hello Team,

    Is there an option of filtering all the Objectives (child and parent ones) that are having the same category assigned?

    I've searched under "Advanced Filters" but did not find a way how to do that. You can filter "Objectives aligned to a objective" but I am not sure how does the logic behind works?



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  • Hi Srećko,

    Thanks for reaching out about this - are you not finding the categories you're looking for in the first option on the Filter Menu? We actually made this the first option on the list instead of keeping it under "Advanced Filters" since it's such a great tool for looking at related groups of OKRs. 

    Once you pick the category you want, you can click into the parent objective in the list to view any child objectives or key results.

    Let us know if we can provide additional guidance on this or any other of the filter options!



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  • Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the fast reply. :)

    Well, first you need to create categories to be able to filter them. :) All clear now; Categories filter is first one in the filters menu.

    Kr, Srećko

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