Add or remove user from conversation without reuploading csv

We'd like the ability to easily add or remove a single employee from conversations.  My current use case is  that I have an employee who no longer manages anyone and needs to be moved from a conversation for managers to a conversation for individual contributors.

Currently the only way to do this is to re-upload a CSV of the entire list of participants minus the one you want to remove. This is a little unnerving as our original upload file is from 3 months ago and we've had tons of org changes since then - folks coming on board, leaving, and changing departments and locations and managers. The original lists were highly customized and it's very difficult to back into them for a second time and feel confident that no errors will be made.

If add/remove functionality is not available, would it at least be possible to download the participant list from the conversation itself so that the list I re-upload is certain to only impact the employee I removed?




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  • I agree completely on this.  It would be helpful if Admin had the rights to delete conversations created in error or no longer applicable.

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  • Hi Amanda/Matthew,

    Thanks for sharing this request.  This is very common use case we hear about and will look to solve in the future.  

    Take care.

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