Customer Success Stories: Communications and Training with Kindred Group

Last month, we had the pleasure to host a webinar (<< click to watch) and share some best practices with Kindred Group, a company offering an online gambling platform in Europe who recently implemented Betterworks for their team.

The main focus was around training and user resources which are a critical piece of any performance program and we wanted to ensure those who were unable to attend the webinar are still able to benefit from these lessons. The webinar is 30 minutes of content and 15 minutes of Q&A, the main takeaways being:

  • The importance of communication and training - not only for initial implementation but for ongoing adoption and engagement from your team
  • Not focusing exclusively on the “how” of your program but also the “why” and how it benefits managers and employees individually
  • Making sure the program addresses the needs of your company culture specifically and that the “brand” resonates with your team

Please find an on-demand version of the webinar at - If you found this content valuable and want to collaborate on an action plan for your organization, please reach out to your CSM or reply to to get connected!

Finally, look out for another edition of our Customer Stories series featuring another organization and their Betterworks journey, available exclusively to program team members such as yourselves.



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