CR: cloning goals from previous reporting period

I would like to propose a change request to your product: the possibility with one click to clone all goals from the previous reporting period to the new one - i.e. a simple mass clone.

Then we can go in an edit the individual goal values but not have to manually go to each goal and clone each one... 

With over 60 goals per quarter this would be a wonderful feature for me. If you don't believe me try cloning 60 goals and see how many mouse clicks you need to make... not exactly user friendly. ;-)






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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing your request. Are you consistently having the same goals each quarter and then changing values, due dates or owners?

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  • Hi Shawn,

    I have 90% almost identical goals each quarter - just with maybe differing values but otherwise the same title, same categories.

    But I don't want to cannibalise the previous goals as then I will lose them for reference.




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