August '19 Discussion: Building a Champions Network

With all the energy and excitement that comes with the launch of a new program, it's easy to neglect the activities necessary to sustain a change over the long-term. Improving the way your teams work together requires a shift in your company culture. To facilitate this shift, you need to build a network of influencers throughout the organization. Here are a few ways to equip this "coalition of champions" to promote the target outcomes of your program:

>> Feedback Focus Group: Meet with employees to understand how they explain the expected value of your program in their own words.  Is their experience aligned with your target outcomes? How are they realizing this value in their teams? Are there any gaps to address? These meetings should yield actionable insights to pass along to your champions.

>> Platform Power Users: Identify champions who have found ways to integrate the use of our platform into their daily work. Using our reporting features, find out who is updating and commenting on goals most frequently or who are the most popular feedback providers. Match these power users with your least engaged leaders to help address any concerns or perceived lack of value. 

>> Change Continuity Coalition: Create one or more champion groups across your organization (depending on your company size). These coalitions should include executives, managers, and team members who are either power users or who have a general interest in workplace productivity topics. Facilitating monthly discussions with this group will help to review program status and to identify opportunities for improvement. Most importantly, make sure they're able to share their success stories and best practices back to the rest of your organization.



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