Adding & Updating Users Manually: CSV Upload

Building Out the User CSV File

1. Review required fields for the file

Note: If you add a phone number in one of the custom fields, it will display on the user's profile.


2. Ensure the your file contains the required fields from the table above

3. Save

Note: We've provided templates below. The "Basic" version includes our recommended fields while the "Advanced" version includes all possible fields. If you need to add more custom fields (up to 50), see this article.

Uploading the User CSV File

1. Go to: Admin → User Management → Departments and users → Users → CSV upload


2. Upload CSV file

3. Save

Building Out the Department CSV File

If you need to build a parent department structure, then use the "Departments" template to create parent departments so that you can easily filter during reporting.

1. Create a CSV file with 2 columns: "Name" and "Parent"

Column Header Required Notes
Name Yes Name of the department (i.e. Finance)
Parent No Name of the department one level up in the hierarchy

2. Ensure that any "Parent" entries align to departments


3. Save

Uploading the Department CSV File

1. Go to: Admin → User Management → Departments and users → Departments → CSV upload


2. Upload CSV file

3. Save

Note: Deactivating departments must be done manually as an "Individual update". 

CSV Templates

For information on adding users individually, see this article.