Collaborating with Teams

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Why teams are useful

Not all the work you do can be neatly lumped into your functional department. For example, you might be a member of the Engineering department who frequently works with counterparts from Support, Product, and Marketing.

Bring clarity and accountability to cross-functional work by using teams to manage objectives. Anyone who has a Betterworks account can create and manage a team.

It’s all powered through the Teams page.


Creating a Team

Creating a team is simple.

  1. Click your profile picture and choose Teams.
  2. Click Create Team.
  3. In the “Name” field, type a name for your team.
  4. In the “Team Members” field, click and type the names of people you want to add to your team. You’re a member of this team by default.
  5. When you’re done, click Save. The new team appears in the Teams page.

Team-Owned Objectives

Once your organization has teams set up, you can create an objective and assign it to any team by going to the objective create page.

  1. Click Create Objective.
  2. At any point during creation, click Owner.
  3. Type to search for a group and click the team to select it.


Making Progress on a Team-Owned Objective

Once your team owns an objective, divide the work however you like. Assign the key resutls to team members or other contributors, check in, and work with the objective just like any other.

You can view the overall progress of any team’s objectives from the Teams page. 


Click any Team to see details about it (above), like member information and number of objectives.


Click the number of objectives above the team’s progress bar (highlighted in red below) to see a filtered list of their objectives. 


Once you’ve made progress on an objective, like completing a key result, the group card updates to show the group’s overall progress.

Team members receive email notifications by default, see My Settings

Managing Teams in Your Organization

If other members of your organization need to join a team later, it’s easy to add them from the Teams page.

Every team has its own card on the Teams page. Use Edit to add or remove members.


Archiving and Restoring Teams

If a team has completed its objectives or otherwise outlived its usefulness, any team member can archive it by going to the Teams page.

From the Teams page, click into the team you wish to archive. The archive option appears at the top of the card.


Note: Only members of a team can archive or edit it. If you are not a team member or a Super Admin, you won’t see the archive/edit option.

Archived teams appear in the “Archived Teams” section of the Teams page. Click the title to unfold the list of archived teams.


If you need to start using an archived team again, click into its card. The "Restore" option appears at the top of the card. Click Restore to return the team to active status.