Activate the Slack Integration

What is the Betterworks Slack Integrations?

The Betterworks Slack integration allows users to receive notifications about activity in Betterworks right in your Slack (i.e. cheers, nudges, @mentions, etc.).

Note: This integration is meant to be used with Slack's Standard and Plus tiers. Enterprise is not fully supported.

Activate the Slack Integration

Betterworks users can activate the Slack integration and receive notifications after the Super Admin has enabled it for the entire organization.

The integration employs Slack’s bot feature to post notifications. The Betterworks bot will send direct messages when updates are made to a user's objective or an objective that they follow.

1. Activate the integration in Betterworks:

[Name at the top-right corner] → My Settings → Notifications → Slack → Activate


2. Allow in Slack:




3. Back within Betterworks, select which notifications to receive:



What are the benefits of the Slack integration?

Real-time notifications are sent in the same tool you use to communicate and get work done every day, so you can stay up-to-date with the goals that are most important to you and your organization.

Can I use the Slack integration for a select group of users?

No. Once the Betterworks Slack integration is enabled, it’s enabled for your entire organization as long as your users have Slack accounts.

Does the Slack integration work with multiple teams?

No. The Betterworks Slack integration only works with one Slack team per organization. If your organization uses multiple teams in Slack, consolidate into one team and start using channels to separate your conversations.